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Academic Highlight - American University's Intercultural Management Institute

Here at DLNSEO we are always on the look out for academic programs and research which touch various aspects of culture. We wanted to highlight the Intercultural Management Institute (IMI) which provides cross-cultural and international education, training and research for scholars, practitioners and clients who deal with communication and negotiation between people of different cultures. Their customized training programs, institutes, symposiums, and conferences are led by many of the foremost experts in various aspects of intercultural relations ranging from international negotiation and conflict to cross-cultural adaptation, multicultural management and international education.

The Intercultural Management Institute also published the Intercultural Management Quarterly which covers intercultural dynamics within global organizations. Additionally, the group sponsors the annual Conference on Inter Cultural Relations which brings together Cross-Cultural and Intercultural Training Professionals, International Development Professionals, Diplomats, Government and Military Personnel, Private Sector actors, International Education Administrators, as well as Scholars, Academics, and Researchers.

Check out their organization here.

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