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AFCLC supports Air University with variety of culture-based courses

AFCLC faculty members are charged with infusing culture content into all levels of Professional Military Education. Along with creating classes for the Advanced Distributed Learning System, the Community College of the Air Force, Squadron Officer College, Officer Candidate School and a host of other Air Force organizations, AFCLC faculty regularly teach a variety of electives for officers at the Air War College and the Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala.

These courses showcase the wide range of approaches to understanding culture - especially the operational implications of cultural complexity. Students engage with a variety of theoretical and applied readings and discussions surrounding the implications of cultural misunderstanding. Additionally, AFCLC faculty members have contributed content, stage lectures and course instructors for ACSC’s “Regional & Cultural Studies” core course. AFCLC’s ongoing participation in this core course highlights the value-added of the AFCLC’s mission to PME. For more information on AFCLC courses or faculty, contact or see the website at

The courses listed are a sample of the graduate-level offerings provided by AFCLC faculty in Academic Year 2013 and 2014.

Air War College

  • “Overcoming the Fog of Culture, ”Dr. Brian Selmeski
  • “Cultural Tools and Concepts for Senior Leaders,” Dr. Brian Selmeski
  • “Building Rapport Across Cultures,” Dr. Lauren Mackenzie

Air Command and Staff College

  • “Tribe and Tradition in the Modern Context,” Dr. Angelle Khachadoorian
  • “Leading a System: Understanding the Challenges of Bridging Military & Non-Governmental Organizations,” Drs. Patricia Fogarty, Jennifer Tucker and Mr. David O’Meara
  • “Geopolitics for the People: Geography, Strategy, and Pop Culture in a Globally-Conflicted World," Dr. Robert Kerr
  • “Cross-Cultural Communication Competence," Dr. Lauren Mackenzie
  • “Understanding and Working with the U.S. Military”  (Course for international officers), Dr. Brian Selmeski

Additional Resources

  • Read the Full Spring Edition of the AFCLC Bulletin Here  Some of the stories include a wrap-up on the recent iterations of our General Officer Pre-Deployment Acculturation Course, an overview of how our faculty supports Air University, and a story about a Language Enabled Airman Program participant who provided vital assistance at the recent African Partnership Flight Angola event.
  • AFCLC VISION: The Air Force Culture and Language Center, as the acknowledged experts, will lead the U.S. Air Force in building a cross-culturally competent Total Force to meet the demands of the Service’s dynamic global mission.
  • AFCLC MISSION: The Air Force Culture and Language Center creates and executes language, region and cultural learning programs for Total Force Airmen, and provides the Service with the subject matter expertise required to institutionalize these efforts.
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  • AFCLC on Twitter
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