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All About Bolivia - in 5 Minutes

What do you know about Bolivia?  Here are a few key facts and a link to TRADOC's smart card which you can print to take with you.

  • Population: approximately 10.5 million
  • Capitals: La Paz (government); Sucre (legal)
  • Sparsely populated: five people per square mile
  • 3rd largest coca producing country in the world
  • “Indigenous” majority country
  • High income disparity between rich and poor
  • Coca production in Bolivia finances criminal activity and affects security in other South American nations, principally Brazil. President Evo Morales, who is of indigenous (Aymara) descent and was once a coca grower himself, supports the cultivation of the coca leaf for traditional indigenous uses, although not for the production of cocaine. Efforts to eradicate coca in some areas has led to confrontations with coca farmers. In 2012 the United Nations reported that coca production fell in Bolivia for the first time since Morales took office in 2006.


A green, tree-filled park with a tall, two-story pagoda in the middle.