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Another Take on Culture Training

Often times when thinking about Culture Training for the military, we focus on teaching military personnel to understand different cultures and people to successfully carry out their mission. A recent news story examines the inverse of how we view culture training. A recent survey of New Hampshire veterans indicated many felt ashamed of needing help for PTSD. And they also felt the providers—most of whom have no military experience—don’t understand what it’s like to be a veteran. The state’s Department of Health and Human Services is trying to fix that.  It’s funding classes on military culture for health workers.

According to Patty Driscoll, an Adult Services Director at Seacoast Mental Health Center, "If the cultural background of the people we’re serving plays a role in what they’re looking for service for and how to communicate and how to understand how they accept help, it’s going to make it easier and it’s going to be more effective."

What's interesting to note is that for healthcare workers, understanding the military culture of veterans allows healthcare workers to more successfully carry out their missions, in the same way that culture training allows military personnel to carry out their missions abroad.

To read more about this topic, click here to read the article.

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