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Camel sitting in sand against night sky.
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Call for Papers - Journal of Culture, Language and International Security

The Journal of Culture, Language and International Security is issuing a Call for Papers for the December 2014 issue.  JCLIS  is a new, open-source, web-based journal that offers opportunities for a wide audience of interested military and non-military academics, military professionals and operators, students of security concerns and interested colleagues to explore theories, share research, and discuss trends linking international security to bodies of knowledge in culture and language.

  1. Visit the Online Journal section of our Website, and view the journal as an e-zine.  Useful for accessing the Journal at your leisure on iPads, tablets and smart phones.
  2. Click through this link and you can download the journal. JCLIS JOURNAL We'd be very honored if you would share and disseminate the Journal to as many individuals as possible.
  3. Visit our Facebook page for a click through to download the journal and participate in topical discussions.

If you are interested in submitting a paper, please contact and/or submit to JCLIS through at


Townscape of Uchisar, Cappadocia, Turkey