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DLNSEO sponsors Alelo to develop VCAT Caribbean for J7

Alelo, the leader in interpersonal communication training software solutions, has completed delivery of VCAT Caribbean for the Joint Forces Development (J7) bringing the total number of VCAT’s to nine (9). VCATs are designed to teach cultural awareness and mission-focused language skills for general purpose forces deploying to different regions of the world. The delivery of VCAT Caribbean, along with three new mobile VCAT versions (VCAT Central America Mobile, VCAT South America Mobile and VCAT Hispaniola Mobile) adds to the growing catalog of highly successful VCATs already available on Joint Knowledge Online (JKO).

VCAT courses are designed to help trainees develop true intercultural competence for conducting successful operations and obtaining the highest level of cooperation with partner forces. Within each course, learners are given the opportunity to interactively practice and demonstrate their cultural understanding in virtual scenarios where they can apply critical decision-making in contextualized environments. These game-based courses are SCORM-compliant and include multimedia-enriched content designed to enhance the learners understanding and retention. Mobile versions add the benefit of anywhere & anytime training.

With these recent deliveries, VCAT courses are now available for the following regions: Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Hispaniola, Northern Africa and the Horn of Africa. Additionally, both VCAT Northern Africa and VCAT Horn of Africa’s informational content is being updated, and the language instruction component for the countries within their regions will be included. VCAT West Africa and VCAT Arabian Peninsula are currently in production and slated for release in the summer of 2014 and early 2015, respectively.

Read press release here.

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