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EHLS 2015 Open Source Analysis Project

The English for Heritage Language Speakers (EHLS) Program offers a unique opportunity to U.S. citizens who are native speakers of critical languages. Participants receive free tuition and a living stipend while attending an 8-month course hosted at Georgetown University. As scholars, they undergo intensive training in professional communication and career skills essential for working in the government.

As a capstone to the program, EHLS Scholars produce open source reports based on topics related to national security provided by US Government agencies. The EHLS 2015 Open Source Analysis Project (OSAP) Reports are now available on Intelink. Most government agencies have access to this site and can request an account to access this and other materials on Intelink.

Subjects include (but are not limited to):

  • Quranic Schools in Mali: National Security Threat?
  • Understanding the Nigerian Prison and Detention Systems
  • Armored Fighting Vehicle Production In Iran
  • Russia, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan Following NATO Withdrawal From Afghanistan
  • Social Media in Ethiopia: Insights into US Security Interests
  • The Impact of Syrian Refugees on Turkey

If you are interested in the program and would like to read more of these working papers or contact the scholars, log into Intelink and then copy and paste the following link: Videos of the EHLS Scholar Presentations at Georgetown University can also be viewed here after logging into Intelink.

More information about the EHLS program can be found here.

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