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Saba F. Safdar is an Iranian-born Canadian-educated Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Guelph in Ontario. She moved to Canada in the 1980s after the Islamic revolution in Iran. She completed her undergraduate honours degree at McMaster University in Hamilton and her MA and PhD at York University in Toronto.

Professor Safdar is the Director of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research at the University of Guelph where she and her students conduct research that lies broadly within the area of cross-cultural psychology. Her research primarily examines the wide range of factors that could help to understand adaptation processes of immigrants. She studies the influence of the psychological resilience of immigrants, of their beliefs and strategies, and of their ethnic and national identities on their adaptation in a new society. In addition to her research on immigration, she is interested in examining the academic, psychological, and social adaptation processes among international students. She currently studies the relation between the expression of identity and attitudes toward clothing (both ethnic and conventional fashion) among second generation immigrants in Canada.

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