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The Journal of Culture, Language and International Security (JCLIS)

Volume 2, Issue 1, of the Journal of Culture, Language and International Security (JCLIS) brings together another set of talented individuals from myriad backgrounds and positions under the topic of Clash of Cultures.  

Contributors include Lee Johnson, David L. Edwards, Aimee Vieira, Sam Almesfer, Captain Caleb P. Slayton, Catherine Ingold, David Ellis, Robert R. Green Sands.


  • Special Commentary, Catherine Ingold and David Ellis
  • Where are Today’s Lawrences of Arabia, Lee Johnson
  • The Clash of Cultures, Robert R. Greene Sands
  • Interpretation in Non-Permissive Environments: The Case of Arabic in Iraq, Sam Almesfer and Aimee Vieira
  • "Differentiating between Islamic Terrorists and Terrorist Opportunists in West Africa" (Will Control of Religious Education be Effective?), Captain Caleb P. Slayton
  • Diverted Attention: Why We Shouldn’t Ignore ISIL in the Asia Pacific, David L. Edwards

To download a PDF of this issue, click here.

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