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Lowes Sends Staff to Cultural Iso-Immersion Program

Lowe’s hardware stores has turned to Concordia College's Language Villages for cultural training in an iso-immersion program. Concordia tailored a cultural immersion training program specific to Lowe's Spanish language needs.

Approximately 120 Lowe’s staff members participate in the immersion experience annually.  Concordia Language Villages has done similar programming with special forces and civil affairs units of the military.  During one program at the French Language Village, a civil affairs team used the culturally authentic Cameroonian hut for a simulation of the visits they would need to do in tribal communities.

Christine Schulze, vice president for Concordia Language Villages, says there is room for others to apply this learning model. She says representatives of the college and the Villages have had conversations with agribusiness companies, as well as regional medical systems, about immersion learning for employees.

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