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Moving abroad? Stock up on some of these books

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The Department of State's Foreign Service Institute (FSI) offers a number of resources to its foreign service officers in order to prepare them for their life and work abroad. This includes workshops and trainings, as well as a number of publications and resources available online to browse anytime.

Among these resources is a list of books on cross-cultural topics. These books are available at FSI's Overseas Briefing Center, but you should also be able to find many of them in your local library. The list offers books on culture-general and culture-specific subjects, as well as books for teenagers and children who may be making that big move abroad as well. The Transition to Washington section offers titles for those who are headed back to the US, and may need help combating reverse culture shock.

The list covers the following topics:

  • Life in the Foreign Service: Relationships, Families, Third Culture Kids, Moving and More
  • General Intercultural Training Resources
  • Country and Area-Specific Cross-Cultural Resources
  • Culture and Customs Series
  • Culture Shock Series
  • Culture Smart Series
  • Simple Guides to Customs and Etiquette
  • Building Intercultural Partnerships Series
  • Legal Books
  • LGBT
  • Books for Teens
  • Books for Children
  • Transition to Washington

Whether or not you are going to be moving and working abroad, or traveling for a short period of time, brushing up on your cross-cultural knowledge is never a bad idea. This list can help you find a book or two that might offer guidance on questions you already have, or make you think ahead about any new or uncomfortable situations you may find yourself in.

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