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The National Language Service Corps completes a successful year in 2013

2013 was a good year for the National Language Service Corps (NLSC) beginning with The President of the United States signing the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act which established the NLSC as a permanent program within the Department of Defense. NLSC Members are grateful for the opportunity to grow as a language resource serving government agencies.

Throughout the past year NLSC Members provided foreign language and cultural support for several Department of Defense (DoD) and non-DoD agencies as the program expanded its membership to over 4,600 Members covering over 300 languages. The NLSC supported missions including seven overseas assignments spanning four continents. Members worked side by side with their government counterparts, distinguished visitors, and law enforcement providing much needed short-term foreign language services during a time when fiscal responsibility was first and foremost on everyone’s mind.

Language demand and language support have grown dramatically since the program’s inception, and is expected to increase in 2014.The NLSC looks forward to using our linguistically talented Members to support the government’s language needs.

Additional News on the NLSC:

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