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Take Our Newest CultureReady Basics Courses in Korean and Farsi

First page of the Farsi CultureReady Basics course

Are you a Korean or Farsi speaker at a 2+/3 level? Are you looking for ways to practice your reading and listening skills, while also learning something new? This week, our CultureReady Basics course is now available in Korean and Farsi.

The course uses real-world scenarios—from students who have studied abroad, and people who have lived and been deployed overseas—in the target languages in order to both engage students in the culture they are learning about, and challenge them to improve on their own language skills. The course utilizes unique and informative features such as language notes, which give cultural context to and more in-depth discussion of words and phrases that may be unfamiliar or confusing to students.

Screen capture of a language note in the CultureReady Basics Korean course

Users may also download a scenario repository, which offers even more examples of interactions that one may encounter in another culture. These are offered in both Korean and Farsi, and in English.

CultureReady Basics teaches cross-cultural competence (3C) using the Adaptive Readiness for Culture, or ARC, model. This framework outlines the 3C concept through four key components:

  • Lesson 1:  Cultural Learning: “What is culture and how can I learn about it?” 
  • Lesson 2:  Diplomatic Mindset:  “How can I achieve my cultural goals?”
  • Lesson 3:  Cultural Reasoning:  “How can I make sense of the people and situations I encounter?”
  • Lesson 4:  Intercultural Interactions:  “How do I interact effectively across cultures?”

The course now features a certificate of completion at the end of each lesson as well.

Take CultureReady Basics today and tell us what you think about it over on our Facebook or Twitter.


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