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Camel sitting in sand against night sky.
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What Do Canadians Think of Americans?

As part of some of the cultural learning objectives for the DoD, we often times teach and ask soldiers to be aware of their world perspective, understand how he or she is viewed by members of other cultures, and consider the point of view of people whose culture is different from our own.

But what about cultures that are similar to us; should we even bother trying to appreciate the differences, even in a country like Canada? Surely Canadians and Americans can't be that different, right? Below, we've posted a few news clips from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation highlighting the cultural and social differences that Americans and Canadians have.

Pay particular attention to how Canadians view Americans, they may be quite fascinating and striking for people who think Canadians are just like us and think the same way we do.


Townscape of Uchisar, Cappadocia, Turkey