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Group of adults posing for a photo.

Community Outreach and Education in Kosovo

Soldiers assigned to Kosovo recently hosted an education forum with the Women for Women organization.
A woman prepares flowers for a class on the Japanese art of flower arrangement, or “ikebana.”

Camp Zama class teaches basics of ‘ikebana,’ the art of Japanese flower arranging

Students at the Camp Zama Arts and Crafts Center recently had the chance to learn the Japanese art of ikebana, or flower arranging.
Image of the Smithsonian Castle, with a pillar in the foreground showing Smithsonian building hours

What is the Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative?

The Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative established the baseline by which many other cultural recovery projects have been jump-started in the wake of natural disaster and war.
Two children sitting at a table, looking at a small globe.

U.S. language education lags, though its importance continues to grow

Despite the growing importance of language and cross-cultural competence skills in today's global economy, the U.S. still lags in language education.
A soldier feeds a special needs resident in an orphanage.

Volunteering builds partnership and cultural awareness

For the GREYWOLF Brigade, volunteering is to connect with our Korean allies, pay forward the kindness they have shown us, and continue to build a strong and lasting relationship.
Children and soldiers gathered around a pine tree. A soldier is handing decorations to a woman on a ladder

Soldiers bring Christmas spirit to local children in Lithuania

U.S. soldiers brought holiday cheer to children at a Lithuanian orphanage last week, sharing American traditions and customs while trimming the tree.
Red taxis in Fez, Morocco, driving down a street with cars parked on either side. Banners of the Moroccan flag hang between buildings.

Transportation Adventures in Morocco

Guest blogger Jane Viviano writes about her experiences using public transportation in Morocco, from taxis and trains to buses and trams.
Two senior ladies are sitting on a bench by a burning campfire​ during wintertime.

Enjoy winter by embracing the Norwegian concept of Friluftsliv

This winter, embrace the Norwegian concept of friluftsliv and find ways to enjoy being outdoors.
 Military leaders of allied nations stand with flowers in hand, to take part in a Flower Laying ceremony at Riga's Freedom Monument

Michigan National Guard affirms partnership during Latvia’s 101st Independence Day parade

Four Airmen from the Michigan Air National Guard marched in Latvia's 101st Independence Day Parade on November 18, 2019.
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A group of men in military uniforms seated around a table, talking, interpreter in background
Illustration of hands showing the letters and numbers in the American Sign Language alphabet
Student Philip Baites looking out at a sunset in Morocco. Text on image says "A film by Philip Baites, 'Tangier to Casablanca,' Rabat, Academic Year 2017-2018, University of Tennessee Knoxville."
Fish kites blowing in wind against blue sky.