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Seok Chang-woo: The artist who uses his body to paint

Seok Chang-woo lost his arms in an accident and now works with his whole body in order to paint.

Philippines, Hong Kong Brace for Super Typhoon Mangkhut

Super Typhoon Mangkhut, an even more powerful storm than U.S.-bound Hurricane Florence, was heading Wednesday for the Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Mangkhut was barreling across the Pacific Ocean with wind gusts of more than 265 kilometers an hour (165 mph). It has already passed the U.S. territory of Guam, where it caused widespread flooding and power outages. The Pacific Daily News reported government agencies were conducting damage assessments and beginning to clear roads. About 80… Read Full Article

Anti-Corruption Watchdog: Most Countries Ignore Anti-Foreign Bribery Laws  

A new report by Transparency International suggests foreign bribery is alive and well.  The report, by the Berlin-based, anti-corruption watchdog, suggests little has changed in recent years in the way governments enforce their anti-bribery laws. Today, only seven major exporting countries actively crack down on companies that offer bribes to foreign officials in exchange for favorable business deals. The United States is one of the seven countries, which together account for 27 percent of… Read Full Article

Report: US Unlikely to Meet Paris Climate Pledge

The United States will fall well short of its 2025 greenhouse gas reduction target unless major additional steps are taken, according to a new report. While U.S. states, cities and companies have promised to step up their efforts to fight climate change as the Trump administration pulls back, the report finds their actions will not be enough to meet the emissions reduction pledge the United States made in the 2015 Paris climate agreement. But the report outlines steps that can get the… Read Full Article

Democrats Announce Big Online Ad Play for US Midterms

Two major Democratic political groups on Wednesday announced a combined $21 million digital ad buy targeting Senate races in November, a sign the party is trying to learn from 2016, when Donald Trump's Republican presidential campaign was far more aggressive online. Priorities USA and Senate Majority PAC announced $18 million in joint spending in Arizona, Indiana, Florida, Missouri and North Dakota. Senate Majority PAC also tacked on an additional $3 million in ads targeting Montana, Nevada,… Read Full Article

South Sudan's President, Rebel Leader Sign Peace Deal

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir signed a peace agreement with rebel factions in the Ethiopian capital on Wednesday to end a civil war that has killed at least 50,000 people, displaced two million and held up the country's progress since it gained independence seven years ago. South Sudan plunged into warfare two years after independence from Sudan in 2011 when a political dispute between Kiir and then vice-president Riek Machar erupted into armed confrontation. A previous peace deal… Read Full Article

US Seeks to Impose Cost for Election Meddling

The United States is threatening automatic sanctions to deter Russia and any other current or future adversary from interfering in the country’s elections. President Donald Trump declared a national emergency Wednesday, signing an executive order that mandates a range of economic sanctions and other penalties against any person, group or country assessed to have meddled with the upcoming midterm elections November 6. The order comes eight weeks before voters go to the polls and covers… Read Full Article

Putin Proposes Peace Treaty With Japan Before Year's End

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that he wanted to sign a formal peace treaty with Japan ending hostilities from World War II by the end of the year without conditions. Seventy-three years after the war concluded, the two countries remain technically at war because of a territorial dispute over four Pacific islands. "Let us sign the peace treaty ... and later we will continue to talk about all of our disagreements as friends on the basis of a peace treaty," Putin said at an… Read Full Article

European NATO Jets Showcase Unified Russian Deterrence

British, French and German fighter jets simulated flight interceptions over Western Europe on Wednesday as part of NATO drills to deter Russian planes from entering allied airspace and to showcase European efforts to integrate their air defenses.  Fighter pilots carrying air-to-air missiles from 10 NATO nations took turns to simulate the interception of a Belgian air force transport plane en route to Spain, performing visual inspections of the aircraft’s status by hovering off the wings at… Read Full Article

'Oldest known drawing' found on tiny rock in South Africa

Etched with an "ochre crayon", the 73,000 year old drawing looks a little like a modern-day hashtag.