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India building collapse: Rescuers form human chain to search for Mumbai survivors

Rescuers are being hampered by narrow lanes at the site of a deadly building collapse.

Why Taiwan’s President Is Getting First Class Treatment in the US This Month

To calm China, the US government usually keeps Taiwan presidents low-profile when they visit. Not this time

Taliban Shuts 42 Swedish-Run Health Clinics in Afghanistan

Last week’s attack on the hospital was the second in three years

Niger’s Farmers Nurture Gao Trees & Re-Green the Country

While deforestation has devastated many African countries, in the west African nation of Niger more than 200 million new trees have sprung up in recent decades.  These trees, mainly a variety known locally as Gao - weren't planted.  Instead, they were protected by Nigerien farmers who realized the trees were assets to agriculture and animal feed.  Moki Edwin Kindzeka has this report by Anne Nzouankeu in Niamey, Niger.

Sudan junta and civilians sign power-sharing deal

The military and protesters agree a three-year transition to civilian rule to end the deadly crisis.

Michigan Celebrates Annual Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship

People everywhere love competitions and the subject is - at times - not that important. Championships are awarded in toe-wrestling, speed burger-eating and mobile phone throwing. The Michigan city of Eau Claire has one of its own - the annual cherry pit-spitting championship. Roman Verkhovsky visited the town to see how far the love of pit spitting stretches. Anna Rice narrates his story.

Defense Secretary Nominee Slams Turkey’s S-400 Deal as ‘Wrong’ and ‘Disappointing’

Mark Esper tells senators Turkey must choose between F-35 and S-400

Trump Administration Claims Success With Iran Sanctions

Trump said Tuesday he is not pursuing regime change in Iran, but will not allow it to get a nuclear weapon

Survivors of Religious Persecution Speak Out Against Hate and Bigotry

Foreign ministers from 100 countries joined survivors of attacks on places of worship to urge tolerance and religious pluralism around the world

Trump Defiant Amid Charges of Racism for Targeting Democrats

President Donald Trump and many of his Republican allies in Congress were on the defensive Tuesday after critics deplored what they said were racist comments and tweets by the president urging four Democratic congresswomen to return to their home countries for being critical of the U.S. All four of the lawmakers are U.S. citizens, and three of them were born in the United States.