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Service Culture Centers

Incidents involving conflicts between service members and the local populations, were occurring frequently in the early period of the military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. These were identified and brought to the attention of senior military leaders who determined there needed to be some type of training to provide a better understanding of the different cultures and languages that would be encountered by personnel deploying to those areas. The military services established culture centers to initially train on Iraqi and Afghan cultures. Since that time, the scope of the centers has widened to include a more global approach to culture and language learning. 

Army's TRADOC Culture Center (TCC)

Army University Culture Center logo

The TRADOC Culture Center (TCC) provides cross-cultural competency and region-specific education and training for the General Purpose Force in all three learning domains. The TCC is recognized throughout the DoD as a leader in the culture community of practice. TCC partners with organizations across the DoD: sharing curricula and best practices, building capability and capacity across the DoD and the joint force, as well as collaborating with the greater DoD culture community of interest.

Established in 2004, TCC provides relevant and accredited cultural competency training and education to Soldiers and DA Civilians in order to build and sustain an Army with the right blend of cultural competency capabilities to facilitate a wide range of operations, now and in the future.

Navy's Center for Language, Regional Expertise and Culture (CLREC)


The Center for Language, Regional Expertise and Culture (CLREC), coordinates language, cultural, and regional familiarization training across the Navy.

Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC)

AFCLC logo

The Air Force Culture and Language Center offers career-spanning education and training programs to deliberately develop Airmen with global skills for global operations. Set up in 2006 at Maxwell AFB, AFCLC educates and trains on the vision that culture and language skills are imperative for joint warfighting as well as establishing effective coalition partnerships.

From its PhD faculty-taught courses at nearby Air University, unique field research initiatives, emergent Language Enabled Airman Program, general officer pre-deployment education, online culture education to a growing inventory of expeditionary field guides, AFCLC provides cultural competence to a Total Force.

Marine Corps Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning (CAOCL)


CAOCL serves as the central Marine Corps agency for operational culture and language familiarization training programs and issues within the DOTMLPF process in order to synchronize and provide for training and education requirements.