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Exploring Korean Culture


(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

"I would recommend that really they make an effort to go out, because usually U.S. service members in Korea are very, very busy. They're really busy and don't have much time, but if they can [visit], not only those places in travel books—you can be adventurous. Go to the little restaurants that doesn't have English menu. If you just can see like soup, or, 'How about that? I want to try that.' Most people are very friendly and kind. Once you just say 'annyeonghaseyo' in Korean, just one greeting in Korean, people will be, 'Wow! [excitedly] Oh, he speaks or she speaks Korean, but he's a foreigner!' They get very excited and very appreciative of that [effort]."

South Korean national discusses the value of exploring Korean culture.