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Food in Korea


(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

"[gesturing] Do you like spicy or do you like not spicy, that's where you start. If you like spicy, there's a whole route for you—Koreans love spicy. If you don't like spicy, there's also a safe palate for you over here as well."

"In general, Korea has an amazing amount of food, and you should try all of it. So the bulgogi is really good, the barbecue is really good, the tteokbokki is really good, especially if you do it group style. So when you're in Korea, you can get group-style tteokbokki. You sit around this table with this boiling plate, and they'll put, and you can kind of choose what you want, but essentially, you'll have your tteok, and then you'll have dangmyeon, your noodles that are in there, you've got your vegetables like your cabbage, and you can put in all sorts of things—you can put in fish cake, and you can put in boiled egg..."

“Then you have all the sauce left, and it's delicious sauce, it's not just so-so sauce. It's amazing, and Koreans know it."

"So they put in rice, so there's kind of an after-step you can do. But you have to know to do it. And basically you ask them for rice, and you get a bokkeum—like a fried rice of sorts. And so they put rice in the sauce and kind of mix it around. There's a little seaweed in the rice too. [inhales] It's good. And so they kind of fry it up, and then afterwards you can dip it out and eat, and it's delightful."

A civilian discusses the food in Korea.