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Korean Restaurants


(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

"Typically when you go to a Korean restaurant, it is what we affectionately call 'beef and leaf.' It typically is some sort of meat, usually red meat, that's grilled at the table, and then you're given a small pile of 'leaf'—some sort of lettuce or other type of leafy vegetable. And you would get the meat that's being grilled and perhaps some—they'll have chunks of garlic on the grill as well. Place those inside the leaf, and then you can add some of the other foods that you've been offered as well, whether it's rice or sometimes some of the red pepper paste, or the—it's like a tofu paste, 'doenjang' paste, and you can add that as well for some flavor. And then you just wrap it up in the leaf and pop it right in your mouth.

"So it's typically that type of food. Sometimes it'll be soup-based foods, but not often do you get something that you would be really hesitant to eat. I have been in situations where they try and see what they can get the American to eat, but usually that's at a little bit more of a collegial-type engagement, peer-based engagement."

In this video, a service member describes the typical food served at a Korean restaurant.