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Planning Missions with South Koreans


(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

"They're very, very meticulous. When we got to the meeting with this guy, we were talking about what would happen, they would mobilize, we would establish where—we would establish our command post and all this stuff. And they brought out these three giant binders. And in each binder was at least four, five pages on each one of those fighting positions. The plan wasn't going to change, right, so if it was your job to stay in that fighting position and cover that area, even if you knew the enemy was over there, or they were coming here and that other guy was—if you could go over there and save him during the battle, no. No, your orders said you're going to stay here, and you're going to look this direction, and if anything comes in your area, you're gonna shoot it. Okay, well, nobody's here, so I've still got to stay here in case somebody comes into this area, because it's my job. So, that is a philosophical difference with us."

In this video, a service member describes the nature of planning missions with South Koreans.