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World Factbook Travel Facts

The CIA's World Factbook Travel Facts offer fact sheets with information on over 150 countries.

Get a JKO Account

Are you interested in taking our Virtual Culture Awareness Trainers (VCATs)? In order to access them, you need a Joint Knowledge Online, or JKO, account. This document outlines how to get one if you are a CAC-holder.

Gift-Giving in Japan

A service member discusses gift-giving in Japan.


A service member discusses Okinawan cultural differences.

Engaging with the Japanese Culture and Language

A service member discusses engaging with the culture and language in Japan.

Addressing Others in Japan

In this video, a Japanese national discusses addressing superiors in Japan.

Socializing and Drinking in Japan

A service member discusses socializing and drinking in Japan.

Work-Life Balance in Japan

A retired service member discusses work-life balance in Japan.

Conversational Interruptions in Japan

A cultural subject matter expert discusses conversational interruptions in Japan.