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Cross-Cultural Communication

Celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages

The UN has proclaimed 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages. Here, we discuss what that means, and what you can do to contribute to the celebration and education of Indigenous languages and culture.

Engaging with the Japanese Culture and Language

A service member discusses engaging with the culture and language in Japan.

Addressing Others in Japan

In this video, a Japanese national discusses addressing superiors in Japan.

Conversational Interruptions in Japan

A cultural subject matter expert discusses conversational interruptions in Japan.

Gestures in Japan

In this video, a service member demonstrates how Japanese people gesture numbers.

Building Rapport in Japan

In this video, a service member discusses the importance of building rapport and taking an empathetic approach.

Exchanging Business Cards in Japan

A service member discusses business card protocol.

Teaching Arabic… with LEGO?

One graphic designer's story about her decision to create a bilingual, fun, and colorful way to teach the Arabic language using LEGOs.

Korean Proverbs

Guest blogger Patrick Niceforo writes about Korean proverbs that he learned while studying in South Korea as a Boren Scholar.

Steel Troopers Bring Iraqis and Pershmerga Together

The Steel Squadron lived like Iraqi soldiers for two weeks to assist Iraqi and Kurdish forces in closing security gaps along a shared boundary line.