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Cross-Cultural Communication

Books to Help Your Kids Explore the World

Books are great a way to grow cultural understanding, cultivate respect for others, and develop a sense of belonging in a diverse world. Check out this list to help your children engage in the world around them.

Camp Zama class teaches basics of ‘ikebana,’ the art of Japanese flower arranging

Students at the Camp Zama Arts and Crafts Center recently had the chance to learn the Japanese art of ikebana, or flower arranging.

U.S. language education lags, though its importance continues to grow

Despite the growing importance of language and cross-cultural competence skills in today's global economy, the U.S. still lags in language education.

Celebrate International Education Week 2019

International Education Week is November 18-22. How do you plan to celebrate?

Efforts of two individuals bring Okinawan, US communities together

Mari Gregory and Sgt. Maj. Mario Marquez use radio to bridge the gap between Americans and Okinawans, and foster learning, understanding, and friendship.

Greetings in Korea

In this video, a service member describes the appropriate ways to conduct greetings in South Korea.

Learning Korean

In this video, a service member discusses speaking Korean in South Korea.

Making Toasts in Korea

In this video, a service member describes toasting at a leader engagement dinner event.

Professionalism During Training Exercises in Korea

In this video, a service member describes a training exercise.

Speaking Korean

A service member discusses making an effort to speak Korean.