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Cross-Cultural Communication

Misawa Airmen bring holiday cheer to Hirosaki orphanage

The 35th Operations Group coordinates annually with the orphanage to provide food, games, presents and holiday cheer to the children.

Yes, No, or Maybe? Communicating Across Cultures

In this piece from Business Insider, Mark Abadi discusses how he learned that different cultures have different communication styles, and what it took for him to understand what his peers and supervisors really meant when they said "maybe."

International Students and Thanksgiving: A Chance to Connect

For international students at US colleges, Thanksgiving can feel lonely as the campus empties out and most other students go home for the holiday. A number of campuses and communities, however, have begun keeping their doors open to students far from home, both domestic and international, and providing activities and a Thanksgiving feast for those who remain on campus. Today, we’ll highlight some of the gatherings happening this week across the country.

West Point cadets experience cultural lessons first hand

The U.S.-China Disaster Management Exchange (DME) promoted strategic dialogue with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to foster mutual trust and understanding. The DME allows hands-on and side-by-side interaction between the U.S. Army and PLA on Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) operations. This year, West Point cadets participated for the first time.

So You're An American? A Resource from the Department of State

The Department of State has an interactive guide called So You're an American? A Guide to Answering Difficult Questions Abroad, which aims to help Americans communicate abroad.

One Woman's Goal to Read the World

When you’re getting ready to travel abroad, be it for work or vacation, do you try to find a book to read either about or from that country? If you do, you might have found that it’s easier to find literature about or from some countries than others. In 2012, Ann Morgan found this out, too, but she didn’t let that stop her from reading the world.

AFRICOM-led forum discusses women’s roles in global security, peacemaking

The “Women, Peace and Security” forum on September 19 consisting of women military officers, defense analysts and conflict-resolution specialists from the United States and seven African nations, and examined women’s roles as soldiers and civilian activists in building lasting regional stability.

Idaho National Guard builds bridges with Royal Cambodian Armed Forces

A team of subject matter experts and senior leaders from the Idaho National Guard were in Cambodia from Sept. 9 -17 working and learning with members of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces. The mission was part of the National Guard’s State Partnership Program.

Using Food to Bridge Cultural Divides

Cities around the United States use food, through events such as food festivals, as a way to connect the diverse threads of their communities, and to introduce people to cultures they may not know much about.

The Podcast Exploring Southern Food Through Immigrant Stories

Many of the stories told in the Gravy podcast are the stories you don’t expect to hear out of a show focused on southern foodways: immigrant stories, and the food that they’ve brought to the South.