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Cross-Cultural Communication

Introduction to Egypt

In this video, a linguist discusses the Egyptian people.

Common Expressions in Sudan

In this video, a Sudanese expert discusses a common expression in Sudan.

Greetings in Mauritania

In this video, a Mauritanian expert discusses greetings in Mauritania.

Etiquette in Egypt

This video discusses etiquette in Egypt.

USAID Policy on Cooperation with the Department of Defense

Increasingly, USAID and DoD share the same operating space. In order to cooperate effectively in the diverse places where USAID and DoD personnel find each other, it is important to draw upon lessons from experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan and from cooperation in other countries and regions where we have worked together, including Colombia, the Philippines, the Balkans, and the Sahel.

Successful Cross Cultural Negotiation - Mexico

This video demonstrates a successful cross cultural negotiation you may encounter during your military career. Once you view this video, see how the unsuccessful negotiation went wrong and what you could do to ensure mission success while negotiating across cultures.

Culture in Military Operations

This video describes the role and importance of culture in military operations and the need to have cross cultural competence.

Culture Matters: Why

This video highlights the importance of asking "why." This is a part of the Culture Matters series.

Culture Matters: Stone to Stone

This video highlights how to manage feeling off-balance in another culture. This is a part of the Culture Matters video series.

Perception, Confirmation Bias, and Labels

This video is an advertisement from Coca-Cola that highlights prejudice, and the importance of getting to know someone beyond your initial impressions.