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Cross-Cultural Competence (3C)

So You're An American? A Resource from the Department of State

The Department of State has an interactive guide called So You're an American? A Guide to Answering Difficult Questions Abroad, which aims to help Americans communicate abroad.

Succeeding in an Increasingly Global Workforce

As the world becomes more interconnected, businesses will require a more global workforce—employees who are able to work across and within other countries and cultures. That requires not only language skills, but the ability to adapt and find common ground.

AFRICOM-led forum discusses women’s roles in global security, peacemaking

The “Women, Peace and Security” forum on September 19 consisting of women military officers, defense analysts and conflict-resolution specialists from the United States and seven African nations, and examined women’s roles as soldiers and civilian activists in building lasting regional stability.

Podcasts for Culture and Language

If you have plans to head to another country, and you're interested in learning a little more about the perspectives and culture of the people there, see if you can find a podcast about it. We highlight a few language- and culture-specific podcasts here.

Greetings and Gestures in Bahrain

In this video, an Arabian Peninsula expert discusses greetings and gestures common to the Arabian Peninsula.

Westerners in Saudi Arabia

In this video, an Arabian Peninsula expert discusses Saudis' attitudes toward Westerners in Saudi Arabia.

Formal Dinners in Saudi Arabia

In this video, a Saudi Arabia expert discusses formal dinners in Saudi Arabia.

Relationships with Foreigners in Saudi Arabia

In this video, a Saudi Arabia expert discusses Saudi attitudes toward foreigners.

Ramadan and Scheduling in the Arabian Peninsula

In this video, a retired military officer discusses the impact Ramadan has on scheduling.

Personal Space in Bangladesh

A service member discusses personal space.