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Cross-Cultural Competence (3C)

Encountering Different Beliefs: Nigeria and Witchcraft

How do you react when you travel somewhere and encounter beliefs that are different from your own? Today we look at this question through the example of the belief in witchcraft in Nigeria.

CJTF-HOA and Intergovernmental Authority on Development Kick-Start Partnership

Foreign Liaison Officers and U.S. military members assigned to Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa met for the first time in a formal meeting with officials from the Intergovernmental Authority on Development on January 16 in Djibouti.

Gift-Giving in Japan

A service member discusses gift-giving in Japan.

Engaging with the Japanese Culture and Language

A service member discusses engaging with the culture and language in Japan.

Socializing and Drinking in Japan

A service member discusses socializing and drinking in Japan.

Work-Life Balance in Japan

A retired service member discusses work-life balance in Japan.

Building Rapport in Japan

In this video, a service member discusses the importance of building rapport and taking an empathetic approach.

Confucianism in Japan

A Japanese national discusses the influence of Confucianism on Japanese society.

Exchanging Business Cards in Japan

A service member discusses business card protocol.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial

A military contractor discusses his experience visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.