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Cross-Cultural Competence (3C)

Body Language in the United Arab Emirates

In this video, an Army major describes body language and gestures to avoid.

Customs in Mauritania

In this video, a Mauritanian national discusses the custom of removing shoes at the door in Northern Africa.

Corruption in Kazakhstan

In this video, a U.S. Army civilian employee discusses corruption and bribery within the police force.

Non-Verbal Communication in Tunisia

In this video, a Tunisian national discusses the closeness communicated by many Tunisians.

Marriage and Family in Liberia

In this video, a Liberian expert discusses family in Liberia.

Dress in Benin

In this video, a Beninese expert discusses clothing in Benin.

Communication in The Gambia

In this video, a Gambian expert explains resolving conflicts in The Gambia.

Taboos in Togo

In this video, a Togolese expert discusses taboos in Togo.

Greetings in Togo

In this video, a Togolese expert discusses greeting elders in Togo.

Eating in Burkina Faso

In this video, a Burkinabè expert discusses eating in Burkina Faso.