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Cross-Cultural Training

Cultural Diplomacy Supporting American Military Objectives

Marissa Cruz writes about the Army's Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP) Program, where cadets spend up to three weeks immersed in foreign cultures, learning more about how others around the world view the United States, and in the process, learn more about themselves.

Leader Development and Education for Sustained Peace (LDESP) Program

The Leader Development and Education for Sustained Peace (LDESP) Program provides a cultural, regional and socio-political framework that sets the stage for leaders to understand, visualize, describe and assess the operational variables in regions/countries of interest.

For American Students Studying Abroad in China, Cultural Flexibility is Key

Foreign Policy magazine published an article discussing the over 14,000 American students who studied abroad in China in the 2012-13 academic year.

Project Global Officer with 2LT Speilmann

Second Lieutenant Elena Speilmann, Class of 2013, shares her experiences from Project Global Officer.

Academic Highlight - American University's Intercultural Management Institute

Today, we highlight the Intercultural Management Institute (IMI) which provides cross-cultural and international education, training and research for scholars, practitioners and clients who deal with communication and negotiation between people of different cultures.

Culture Team Recommended Reading

What role does understanding culture play in the trajectory of your professional military education?

Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainer In The News!

Yesterday, Huffington Post published an article by Aaron Dubrow entitled "7 Cyberlearning Technologies Transforming Education," in which the Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainer (VCAT) was featured as a leading tool to teach cross-cultural communication through a virtual environment.

The Mistake Most Managers Make with Cross Cultural Training

Mark is an HR director looking to improve his company’s cross-cultural skills, especially in Germany where his company is doing an increasing amount of business. After considerable research, Mark hires a firm to deliver a training solution that seems like just what the doctor ordered. It’s a tool that enables employees to discover their “cultural profile” and then compare that profile to those from a range of other cultures.

Preview of the Cross Cultural Trainer

Check out this video about the Cross Cultural Competence Trainer, a tool that DLNSEO and JKO are developing to meet the needs of a continuously expanding force with missions and activities that interact across all cultures.

Lowes Sends Staff to Cultural Iso-Immersion Program

Lowe’s hardware stores has turned to Concordia College's Language Villages for cultural training in an iso-immersion program. Concordia tailored a cultural immersion training program specific to Lowe's Spanish language needs.