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Culture Shock

Transitioning into Life Abroad: Understanding Culture Shock

Culture shock is a normal part of any transition to life abroad. Learning the language is key to adjusting to your new country. Meeting people and making new friends who can provide insights on the culture you’re in, can also make a big difference.

Reverse Culture Shock

A Boren program representative describes methods for dealing with reverse culture shock.

Dealing with Homesickness

A Boren program representative discusses dealing with homesickness.

Overcoming Culture Shock

A Boren program representative describes methods of dealing with culture shock.

Dealing with Cultural and Mental Exhaustion

A Boren program representative discusses strategies for dealing with mental exhaustion.

Taking Culture Breaks Abroad

A Peace Corps member discusses taking mental breaks with living abroad.

Coping with Culture Shock

Two culture experts discuss the experience of culture shock.

Cultural Differences Between North and South Korea

We explore the differences between North and South Korea, and what it takes for refugees and defectors to adjust to life outside North Korea.

Moving abroad? Stock up on some of these books

The Department of State's Foreign Service Institute (FSI) offers a number of resources to its foreign service officers in order to prepare them for their life and work abroad. Among these resources is a list of books on cross-cultural topics.

Visit another country, with friends, from home?

Here, we highlight an app for experiencing other countries through virtual reality.