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Learning the Local Language in Bangladesh

A service member discusses the importance of learning the local language.

Time in Swahili

In this video, a cultural expert discusses telling time in Swahili.

Language Landscape in Morocco

In this video, a member of the U.S. Marine Corps discusses language in Morocco.

Importance of Language Use in Algeria

In this video, an Algerian national discusses the importance of knowing basic Arabic.

Greetings in Kuwait

In this video, an Army captain speaks about simple phrases in Arabic.

Speaking English in the United Arab Emirates

In this video, an Army major discusses speaking English in the United Arab Emirates.

Linguistic Landscape of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

In this video, a U.S. Army National Guard major and a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel discuss the linguistic landscape in Tajikistan.

Language Landscape in Tunisia

In this video, a Tunisian national discusses the languages used in Tunisia.

Addressing Men and Women in Arabic

A Moroccan national explains talking to men and women.

Arabic Pronunciation

A Moroccan national explains Arabic pronunciation.