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Etiquette in the Dominican Republic

In this video, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel and former defense attaché to the Dominican Republic describes the country's etiquette.

Linguistic Landscape of Guyana

In this video, a native Guyanese discusses the linguistic landscape of the country.

Language Landscape in Haiti

In this video, a Haitian American distinguishes Haitian Creole from French.

Greetings in Haiti

In this video, a native Haitian describes the greetings in her country.

Linguistic Landscape of Jamaica

In this video, an Army master sergeant and native Jamaican describes the linguistic landscape of Jamaica.

Terms of Respect in Nepal

A Nepali national discusses using terms of respect in South Asia.

Greetings in Nepal

A service member discusses greetings in Nepal.

Language in Nepal

A Nepali national discusses language in Nepal.

Greetings in Afghanistan

An Afghan national discusses greetings in Dari.

Learning and Speaking Arabic

In this video, a military service member discusses the Arabic language.