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Linguistic Landscape in Afghanistan

An Afghan national talks about Dari and Pashto.

Local and Tribal Governance in Afghanistan

An Afghan national explains the meaning of "shura."

Religion in Egypt

In this video, a linguist discusses the impact of Islam on Egyptian culture.

Common Expressions in Sudan

In this video, a Sudanese expert discusses a common expression in Sudan.

Greetings in Mauritania

In this video, a Mauritanian expert discusses greetings in Mauritania.


The centerpiece of Langscape is an interactive map that lets users click on any geographic location to see the languages spoken there. Selecting a language allows users to access a growing variety of resources for that language, thanks to the efforts of our partners and others in a range of fields and specialties.

The Joint Language University

The Joint Language University is a U.S. government-sponsored language training portal that allows students to acquire, maintain, enhance and/or refresh language skills.

National Language Service Corps

The National Language Service Corps (NLSC) is a readily available group of volunteers who provide supplemental language resources to U.S. federal agencies. If there’s a national need, a regional emergency, or a national security requirement, NLSC Members can assist in filling foreign language gaps with readily available multilingual U.S. citizens.

Linguistic Competence

This video outlines the nuances of linguistic competence and communication competence.

Negotiating Across Cultures - Overview

This video provides an overview of negotiating across cultures and elements of building rapport, time, understanding your needs/objectives, time, and self-awareness.