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The centerpiece of Langscape is an interactive map that lets users click on any geographic location to see the languages spoken there. Selecting a language allows users to access a growing variety of resources for that language, thanks to the efforts of our partners and others in a range of fields and specialties.

The Joint Language University

The Joint Language University is a U.S. government-sponsored language training portal that allows students to acquire, maintain, enhance and/or refresh language skills.

National Language Service Corps

The National Language Service Corps (NLSC) is a readily available group of volunteers who provide supplemental language resources to U.S. federal agencies. If there’s a national need, a regional emergency, or a national security requirement, NLSC Members can assist in filling foreign language gaps with readily available multilingual U.S. citizens.

Linguistic Competence

This video outlines the nuances of linguistic competence and communication competence.

Negotiating Across Cultures - Overview

This video provides an overview of negotiating across cultures and elements of building rapport, time, understanding your needs/objectives, time, and self-awareness.

Culture Matters: What Right Looks Like

This video looks at the idea that every soldier is a sensor, and how knowing local culture helps in understanding what is normal and what is not normal. This is a part of the Culture Matters video series.

Culture Matters: Languages

This video emphasizes that no matter how much training and experience you have, there is always more to learn when it comes to mastering a culture. This is a part of the Culture Matters video series.

CultureReady Basics

CultureReady Basics is a web-based culture training tool developed to provide culture learning in a variety of global regions and languages. It is the perfect balance of culture and language training providing the knowledge and skills required for successful interactions.

Obama's Foreign Language Skills Ranked

Even learning a few words of a foreign language will go far in building rapport and understanding with foreign counterparts. In his speeches around the world, President Obama has tried many times to use words and phrases in foreign languages as a way to build understanding, rapport, and meaning with foreign audiences. See how the President did in foreign languages.

Special Topics Issue of the Journal for the Study of Culture and Language

In this initial special topics issue, Robert Greene Sands and Pieter DeVisser suggest, in their detailed look at the DoD’s language, regional expertise and culture (LREC) program, that there lacks any kind of sufficient assessment mechanism to provide organizations critical understanding of their LREC capability, while failing to also provide the individual learner with a measure of performance useful to professional career development.