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Celebrating the Festival of Lights

This week, the Hindu population in India and around the world celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights. Here we explore the meaning behind the festival, and how it is celebrated.

Religion in Japan

A culture expert describes religious practices in Japan.

Baby-Naming Around the World

In many countries and cultures, the act of naming a baby is more than just signing a birth certificate: it can involve legal guidelines and cultural celebrations that you may not be aware of in the US.

Ramadan and the World Cup

This year, the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting observed by Muslims around the world, coincides with the World Cup. How are athletes able to both observe their faith and remain dedicated, strong athletes at the same time?

Baby's First Haircut

Hair plays an important role in many cultures. Here we have collected a few interesting traditions around the world with respect to a baby's first haircut.

For Hanukkah, the comforts of fried foods around the world

Today, we highlight some of the friend food treats shared by Jewish families around the world during Hanukkah.

Religion in Bahrain

In this video, a retired Army lieutenant colonel discusses the religious demographics of Bahrain.

Religion in Saudi Arabia

In this video, a retired military officer discusses how religion influences scheduling and daily life in Saudi Arabia.

Religious Tolerance in Oman

In this video, a retired Army lieutenant colonel discusses religion and religious tolerance in Oman.

Religion in Qatar

In this video, a retired Army lieutenant colonel describes life and religion in Qatar.