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Get a JKO Account

Are you interested in taking our Virtual Culture Awareness Trainers (VCATs)? In order to access them, you need a Joint Knowledge Online, or JKO, account. This document outlines how to get one if you are a CAC-holder.

Explore the World Through Your Library

Kanopy, a streaming service offered through public libraries and educational institutions, gives users a chance to expand their worldview with an endless array of films from around the world.

4 Apps for the World Traveler

Heading to another country and curious about what mobile apps might help you get ready?  Check out these handy resources!

New Efforts to Train DoD on Culture and Language

The Pentagon’s efforts to provide language and culture training and education continued to expand. Here, we discuss different LREC training options around DoD, as discussed in a recent article for MS&T Magazine.

Check out the updated version of Navy Global Deployer!

An updated version of the previously released Navy Global Deployer application for mobile devices became available for download, Feb. 20. The app is designed to support Navy personnel and their families stationed or deployed abroad with cultural awareness and language resources.

Technology Is Changing How We Travel

Sites like Airbnb, We Roam, and Unsettled are bringing new travel opportunities to people around the world who want to experience or work in other countries and cultures.

Around the World, Girls in STEM are Overcoming Obstacles

Around the world, it can be difficult for girls to go to school and receive an education. However, many girls and women are overcoming obstacles and finding success and confidence through STEM.

What mobile technology can do for Africa, and the world

Cell phones are being used across Africa in increasingly innovative ways, offering services such as mobile banking and aiding doctors in the medical field to give eye examinations. Here, we highlight some of these innovations.

Visit another country, with friends, from home?

Here, we highlight an app for experiencing other countries through virtual reality. 

Virtual Reality for Experiencing other Cultures

What is the power of virtual reality to provide you with an immersive cultural experience?  The tourism industry is experimenting with VR to see if it can be used to expand their reach and entice prospective clients