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A sun sets over a city, the sky and water are both deep blue and the city is up lit in a way that gives it a golden hue

Unique Traditions During Ukrainian Holidays

Ukraine is a primarily Christian country, with over 67% of the population identifying with the Orthodox church. Many of Ukraine’s holiday celebrations tie into their beliefs; however, some predate…
A vibrantly painted purple bridges stretches into the distance over calm water, disappearing into a green hill

The Purple Islands of South Korea

A six-hour drive from Seoul, South Korea, visitors of the remote Banwol island can step into a world of purple.
A man serves a footvolley ball over a net while his team mate intently watches in the background

Brazilian Footvolley

A Brazilian man, Octavio de Moraes, developed footvolley on Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach in 1965.
A woman in a burgundy traditional robe and golden head dress with colorful details stands in front of terraced rice paddy fields with a Chinese town in the background

Nine Widely Spoken Languages Across China

While Mandarin became China’s only official language in 1956, there are nearly 300 languages spoken throughout the Asian nation. Of those nine are widely spoken by millions of people, including…
A Berber man in a desert setting sits on a sand dune looking into the horizon wearing a blue tunic and yellow head covering

The Art and Culture of Morocco's Berber People

The Berber people who live throughout North Africa are linked by their art, culture, and language. Although there are significant populations of Berbers in Albania, Tunisia, Libya, Mali, and Niger,…
A metal tea kettle, next to a small glass of green tea with a sprig of mint

How Senegal’s Ataya Tea Ceremony Fosters Friendship

Tea plays an integral role in daily life around the world. The Senegalese tea ceremony, known as ataya or attaya, is no exception. The ceremony, which can take place at any time of the day and last…
A view of Orchid Island showing green hills, a bright blue bay, the Tao city and blue sky

The Cultural Significance of Taro Among Taiwan’s Tao People

The Tao People
Five intricate, wooden German clocks are hanging up against a red wall

Museum Highlights Germany’s History of Clockmaking

As one year ends and a new one begins, it’s common for people to reflect on the passage of time. In the Black Forest in Germany — well known for its cuckoo clocks — the concept of timekeeping has…
A primarily blue mural on the side of a Kyiv building shows a girl in a flower crown above the city holding a house

The Cultural Connection to Street Art in Kyiv

Since 2014, local and international artists have painted more than 170 murals on aging Soviet-era buildings throughout Kyiv, Ukraine. The murals have established the city as a global center of public…

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