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A landscape of Lake Biakal with a blue sky, frozen dark blue ice and a large rock jetting out of the frozen lake

New Year’s Traditions from Around the World

If you plan to visit Brazil on December 31, make sure to pack a white outfit! Wearing white on New Year’s Eve symbolizes good luck and peace, and although this tradition has roots in Afro-Brazilian…
Two women, one with dark curly hair wearing red and one with straight hair wearing white, are laughing while sitting at an open air bar

8 Italian Slang Phrases to Help You Sound Like a Local

Italians speak more than 30 dialects resulting in slang terms that are as varied as the country’s cuisine. Some terms, however, are commonly used throughout Italy.
A close up of a woman and child with dark hair looking at lights on a Christmas tree

Christmas and New Year's Traditions in Japan

Although Japan is not a primarily Christian country, people take part in many traditional Christmas activities like visiting holiday markets, admiring light displays, and decorating Christmas trees.…
A woman with curly brown hair and a yellow hair scarf is eating a bowl of açai na tigela with a happy expression.

Eight Popular Brazilian Street Foods You Have to Try

Brazil’s great diversity is reflected in its music, architecture, traditions, art and, not surprisingly, in its delicious
Several wooden boats float on calm water in the foreground, with people gathering on one boat. In this distance is a neutral colored concrete building on a pier.

Ghanaian Customs That Help You Understand the Culture

Ghana is home to many ethnic groups that are often organized into four main regional groups
A woman in traditional Indonesian makeup wearing a red dress, gold head piece, and carrying a red and yellow fan, does a traditional dance

Indonesian Traditions to Expand Your Cultural Awareness

Indonesia’s cultural diversity is influenced by the thousands of islands and the 1,300 ethnic groups that make up the Asian nation. While each group has their own unique set of customs, they all…
A digital rendering of the Taoyuan Museum of Fine Art displays a sloped green roof with white boxes, trees, and walk ways

Taiwan’s Taoyuan Museum of Fine Art

Urban planners in Taiwan are turning the area around the Taoyuan airport and high-speed rail station in
A young boy and girl wearing white with blue accents light a menorah with a night sky background

The Hanukkah Story and Traditions Around the World

For the past week, Jews all over the world have been celebrating Hanukkah, also known a
A man wearing a carved wooden mask and animal horns depicting Krampus stands in front of a church with a night sky overhead

The Legendary Creature Known As Krampus

In December, naughty children in Central Europe — Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic — face more severe consequences than coal in their stockings. That’s because St. Nicholas…

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