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A woman in a blue turtleneck accepts a gift in red wrapping paper

The Many Superstitions of Taiwanese Culture

Taiwan has a culture steeped in tradition and one in which age-old Chinese superstitions are ever-present.
Three men dressed in white ride elaborately decorated horses participate in Tbourida

Morocco’s Ancient Equestrian Art of Tbourida

Tbourida, or “gunpowder game” in Arabic, is a reenactment of a centuries-old Moroccan equestrian technique used by Berber warriors and other North African armies to intimidate enemies.
Petra an archelogical site carved into a rock formation located in Jordan

10 Facts You May Not Know About Jordan

The Dead Sea, bordered by Jordan to the East, is nearly ten times as salty as the ocean, which results in a buoyant experience for visitors who come to float. It is also the lowest point of elevation…
An elderly man and woman examine green tomato plants

Sardinia's Centenarians

A cluster of villages in central Sardinia is one of five places in the world where people are the healthiest and live the longest. Termed a blue zone by demographers, this area of Sardinia has one of…
A woman in a red kimono holds a red umbrella in front of cherry blossom flowers

Japan's Secret Language of Flowers

As spring brings warmer temperatures in the northern hemisphere, flowers are beginning to bloom again. In Japanese culture, each bloom conveys specific emotions and messages. This symbolism is known…
A man is holding a laptop computer that has a German flag on the screen and says "Learn German"

Curiosities of the German Language

German is the 11th most widely spoken language in the world and one that has many interesting characteristics.
A cityscape of Seoul, South Korea, at dawn with mountains in the background

South Korea's Robot Science Museum

Seoul, South Korea, is known as a tech-savvy city where residents embrace robots in their everyday life. This makes Seoul the perfect location for the first Robot Science Museum scheduled to open in…
Various murals painted on the Berlin Wall are situated next to a city street

The Berlin Wall's East Side Gallery Murals

Built by the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) in 1961 to keep the country’s residents from defecting to West Berlin, much of the Berlin Wall came toppling down in 1989 with the collapse of…
People wearing brightly colored clothing are covered in brightly colored powder as they celebrate Holi

Holi Festival

Holi, often called “The Festival of Colors,” is a Hindu festival that marks the beginning of spring and coincides with the phases of the moon. The celebration begins around the time of the full moon…

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