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A close up shot of a gelato case shows orange, pink, yellow and white gelato ready to be scooped. The white gelato has chocolate drizzle on top of it.

Learning the Art of Gelato Making

Many people study abroad in Italy, but only a select few attend Carpigiani Gelato University for the opportunity to become a Master Gelatiere. Located in Anzola dell'Emilia near Bologna, the school…
A slide of white bread topped with a white spread, salmon, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, red onion and dill on a white table

How Poland Made a Meal Out of a Sandwich

Sandwiches are popular in many cultures, but in Poland, open-faced varieties called “kanapki” are one of the country’s most beloved foods.
Cup of coffee with van Gogh's "Starry Night" painting on top

A South Korean Barista Turns Coffee into Creamart

With more than 18,000 coffee shops, Seoul, South Korea has a vibrant coffee culture that makes java lovers feel right at home. Those who also enjoy art will appreciate the work of one barista, Lee…
The inside of a Turkey Hammam with five arches and a domed ceiling with intracate skylights

Turkey’s Long-Standing Hammam Culture

During the Ottoman Empire, public Turkish hammams, commonly referred to as Turkish bathhouses, were built in droves.
Museum statues

Museums That Expand Your Japanese Cultural Awareness

Japanese culture hosts a plethora of niche interests, and in turn, Japan is also home to many museums with unique themes.
A man and woman skiing with their dog

Some of the World’s Most Unique Sports

Some popular sports in the United States like baseball and basketball have a large contingent of fans in other countries. Many of those nations also have their own unique sports, some of which have…
A man in a blue shirt stands on a rock overlooking a river surrounded by evergreen trees during sunrise

Finland is the Happiest Country in the World

For the fourth year in a row, Finland has been named the happiest country in the world, scoring 7.84 points out of 10 in the World Happiness Report. But why?
Three men in casual clothing are laughing together with a setting sun in the background

Polish Expressions That Improve Your Cross-Cultural Communication

Idioms and expressions often reflect a country’s unique culture, and Poland is no exception.
A close up image of the head of a stone statue of an ancient Egyptian female ruler in front of a blue sky

Ancient Egypt’s Influential Women Rulers

Contrary to popular belief, some of Egypt’s most celebrated and influential rulers were women—among the

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