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A man and woman in athletic wear run past the Colosseum in Rome

What Makes Italy the Second Healthiest Country in the World?

Though Spain currently occupies the top spot on Bloomberg’s Global Health Index, Italy ranks a close second on the list of the world’s healthiest countries. That means a baby born in Italy today can…
A large piece of grilled fish on a cutting board with vegetables, hummus, and olives on the side

Traditional Iraqi Dishes

Not only does Iraq have a rich cultural history, but also rich culinary traditions. International travel may be limited right now, however, your taste buds can still go on a tour of their own to…
A pink Cherry Blossom tree in the foreground with a blue lake and Mt. Fuji in the background

Wabi Sabi: Finding Perfection in the Imperfect

According to legend, the definition of Wabi sabi was never written down; only
A landscape of Brazil showing a harbor, cityscape, and rock formations

Ten Things You May Not Know About Brazil

Did you know that Brazil has 4,660 miles of coastline? Learn about that and nine more interesting facts about Brazil.
A baby girl dressed in red celebrating her second birthday

Birthday Traditions and Superstitions in China

Because of superstitions associated with birthdays, celebrations are relatively new in China. Only certain birthdays—like turning 60 or 80—have generally been considered worthy of a celebration.  
Group of men from the Maasai tribe in Tanzania

The Diverse Tribes of Tanzania

Located in East Africa, on the coast of the Indian Ocean and in the African Great Lakes region, Tanzania is home to more than 150 ethnic groups and tribes. Although a large part of the population…
Women in diving suits walking on a beach, carrying fishing nets.

The Sea Women of Jeju Island

They’re known as “haenyeo” (“sea women”) of Jeju Island, South Korea, and for centuries, they’ve made their living as divers. Farmland is scarce on the island, and haenyeo harvest food from the sea.
Close-up image of a cup of french fries. The person who is eating them is using a fork.

Eating French fries with a fork: Tips on German social etiquette

Rules of social etiquette are different in every country: do you smile, shake hands, show up early, refuse or accept offers of drinks, eat with your hands or with silverware? It can be hard to keep…
A woman wearing a bright orange dress and a blue checked headscarf facing away from the camera. She is looking at Egyptian pyramids in the distance.

The Grand Egyptian Museum to Exhibit the Largest Collection of Tutankhamun Relics

When it opens later this year, the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) will be the largest archeological museum in the world. Built on a slope on the Giza Plateau just outside of central Cairo, the museum’s…

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