Demographics of Togo

Video Transcript

“In Togo, the Kabye live in the North, and it’s one of the largest ethnic [groups] in Togo. And in fact, the military, 70% of the military consists of people from the Kabye ethnic group. Former President Gnassingbé Étienne Eyadéma is part of this ethnic group and he made sure that his ethnic… His parents joined the army and this way he was sure that he was safe and he was secure and they [would] not try to overthrow his government. Compared to the South where the Mina, the Kotokoli, and the other ethnic [groups] live. The social stratification of Togo goes this way; [the] Southern Mina [and] Ewe population [is] very intellectual. [They are] cultivated, school oriented people. [In the] North; [they are] farmers, cattle raisers, and military oriented people. So in the South, joining the army is not [prestigious]. In the North, being part of [the] military is [prestigious].”

In this video, a Togolese expert discusses the demographics of Togo.