Etiquette in Ghana

Video Transcript

“Well, for example, if I had to say ‘good morning,’ you might say, ‘Day don break.’ That is ‘good morning.’ ‘Day don break. Day don break. Day don break.’ You say that in both Cameroon, you say that in Nigeria, you say it Ghana. You can also say it, ‘You don wake up? You don wake up?’ You can also say, ‘Yes, I don wake up.’ You say, ‘Yes, I don wake up.’ ‘You don wake up?’ ‘Yes, I don wake up.’ ‘Ha fo you?’ ‘Ha fo you’ means ‘how are you, then?’ ‘I be fine. I be fine.’ Meaning ‘I’m OK.’

"When you say ‘hello’ it means, you should say that to somebody you’ve already created some relationship with him or her. ‘Hello.’ Yeah, but not when you are meeting somebody for the very first time, no, no. That’s too informal. And the understanding is that you just want to cut the greeting as fast as possible, which is not African.”

In this video, a Ghanaian expert discusses greetings in Ghana.