Independence of Kazakhstan

Video Transcript

So it turned out that Kazakhstan, along with independence came the loneliness. In terms of nobody cared about anything. So if you lived in the Soviet Union, you'd know that Kazakhstan was part of a big country and it will be taken care of. Whatever happens, whatever problems Kazakhstan has, the Soviet Union, the capital Moscow will help. But now it was, since we gained freedom, it was different; you have problems, you have to face them. And that's what the president did; he had to face a lot of problems. People tell a lot of, different people tell different things about the government and president and what he's done wrong, or what he's done right. But, in my opinion, he kept the country alive, he kept the country safe, and he kept the country from the [turmoil] that happened in other countries. So if you look at other countries, what happened there, knock on [wood], it didn't happen to Kazakhstan. So he kept peace in Kazakhstan. And gradually, slowly, little by little, he started building the country, from scratch, I would say. Because when we were part of the Soviet Union and we had ties with Russia and other countries that were part of the Soviet Union, and we had everything established; industry, communication, social communication, everything infrastructure-wise.

In this video, a Kazakh native discusses the independence of Kazakhstan.