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5th Annual AFCLC AU LREC Symposium to go Virtual

Banner image for the virtual 2020 AFCLC AU LREC Symposium. Image is of a car sideview mirror, with the road and trees in the background blurring.
Photo by the Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC)

Every year, the Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC) hosts the Air University Language, Regional Expertise and Culture (AU LREC) Symposium. This year, the event is slated for October 14-16, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is moving online.

According to AFCLC Director of Staff Gregory Day, “The symposium brings together scholars and practitioners from across the DoD and the LREC enterprise to explore issues and initiatives designed to equip and prepare our Airmen for success in diverse and uncertain situations." 

By moving online, the AFCLC can ensure the health and safety of all staff and attendees, while ensuring that the latest topics and research can continue to be discussed among those in the LREC community, both across the country and around the world. 

If you are interested in presenting at the symposium, the deadline for submitting abstracts is coming up soon on July 15th. Not sure what to present on, or curious about what has been presented in previous years? You can download the programs from each of the first four events on the AFCLC website.

Find out more about the 5th Annual AU LREC Symposium at the AFCLC website, including information on how to register to attend or speak at the event. 

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