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Women in diving outfits walking on a beach, carrying fishing nets.

The Sea Women of Jeju Island, South Korea

They’re known as “haenyeo” (“sea women”) of Jeju Island, South Korea, and for centuries, they’ve made their living as divers. Farmland is scarce, due to the island’s volcanic nature, and haenyeo harvest food from the sea.
Close-up image of a cup of french fries. The person who is eating them is using a fork.

Eating french fries with a fork, and other aspects of German social etiquette

Rules of social etiquette are different in every country: do you smile, shake hands, show up early, refuse or accept offers of drinks, eat with your hands or with silverware? It can be hard to keep track of it all.
A woman wearing a bright orange dress and a blue checked headscarf facing away from the camera. She is looking at Egyptian pyramids in the distance.

The Grand Egyptian Museum to Exhibit the Largest Collection of Tutankhamun Relics

When it opens later this year, the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) will be the largest archeological museum in the world. Built on a slope on the Giza Plateau just outside of central Cairo, the museum’s glass facades will offer a breathtaking view of…
A person's hands shaping dough.

The World of Wagashi

In Japan, sweet treats are practically a way of life. You might know about the unique flavors of Kit Kat bars, or the chocolate-coated biscuit sticks called Pocky. Another well-known Japanese dessert is mochi, a sweet rice cake made of glutinous…
A young girl writing Chinese characters on red paper

Celebrating the Chinese New Year: The Year of the Ox

For 15 days each year, people in China, and many other parts of the world, mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring with the Chinese New Year. Also known as the Lunar New Year, the festival begins with the new moon and lasts until the next…
Two women holding shot glasses in a "cheers" motion to each other.

Enjoy Vodka like the Polish

If you travel to Eastern Europe, you might notice the prevalence of one beverage in particular. The region is known unofficially as the “Vodka Belt,” and the spirit is a large part of the culture in many Baltic countries.
Two men playing a sport. One is holding a shield and a sword, the other is standing on one leg, with the other leg high up in the air, and holding a metal pole.

Sports Played in India You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

India has a vibrant and diverse culture, and its sports heritage is no different. A variety of indigenous and unusual sports are played throughout the country, reflecting India’s many cultural traditions.
Hands reaching into a communal bowl of rice.

Nanga def? Wolof Words and Phrases to Know

Across West Africa, hundreds if not thousands of different languages are spoken. Nigeria alone is home to over 250. Senegal is home to over 30 languages, with Wolof as the most widely spoken. Other languages include Mandinka, Pulaar, and Serer, as…
Two women listening to music. One woman is wearing headphones.

How Brazilian Songs Can Help You Pick Up Portuguese

Listening to music from other countries is a fun and effective way to learn a language, improve your language skills, and gain a better understanding of a culture.
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