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These date fields support the following format: 2-digit month slash 2-digit day slash 4-digit year, as in mm/dd/yyyy
A Florida Army Guard medic with the 256th Medical Company Area Support (MCAS), shows the procedures to perform first aid for an open chest wound to members of Guyana’s defense force and coast guard.

Florida Army Guard Partners with Guyana Defense Force to Strengthen Military Medical Readiness

A Florida Army Guard team traveled to Guyana last December to train medics in the country’s defense force and coast guard.
Close-up of a young girl reading a young adult fiction book with a magical sparkle light effect coming out of the book.

Books to Help Your Kids Explore the World

Books are great a way to grow cultural understanding, cultivate respect for others, and develop a sense of belonging in a diverse world. Check out this list to help your children engage in the world around them.
Vector image of virus cells

Preventing Cultural Stigma During A Global Health Outbreak

Don't let fear of the coronavirus lead to cultural stigma. Instead, focus on how you can prevent bias and discrimination, and stay healthy.
A Marine Corps radio operator is holding a phone to his hear.

A Quest for Culture: Alexander the Great 2020

U.S. Marines and Hellenic Marines took part in a culture day in Litochoro and Vergina, Greece, during the bi-lateral exercise Alexander the Great 2020.
Pink and red paper hearts on a pink background

How Other Countries Celebrate Valentine's Day

When you think of Valentine's Day, you probably think of chocolate, roses, and cards. But around the world, different countries celebrate the love a little bit differently—be it in the gifts they exchange or the day on which they actually celebrate…
Group of adults posing for a photo.

Community Outreach and Education in Kosovo

Soldiers assigned to Kosovo recently hosted an education forum with the Women for Women organization.
A woman prepares flowers for a class on the Japanese art of flower arrangement, or “ikebana.”

Camp Zama class teaches basics of ‘ikebana,’ the art of Japanese flower arranging

Students at the Camp Zama Arts and Crafts Center recently had the chance to learn the Japanese art of ikebana, or flower arranging.
Image of the Smithsonian Castle, with a pillar in the foreground showing Smithsonian building hours

What is the Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative?

The Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative established the baseline by which many other cultural recovery projects have been jump-started in the wake of natural disaster and war.
Two children sitting at a table, looking at a small globe.

U.S. language education lags, though its importance continues to grow

Despite the growing importance of language and cross-cultural competence skills in today's global economy, the U.S. still lags in language education.
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Cover image of the book Save Your Ammo by Louise Rasmussen and Winston Sieck
Vector image of virus cells
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