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New Podcast on Public Service Careers and World Travel Launches This Week

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The “Boren Around the World” podcast is launching on CultureReady this week.

The biweekly program will help foster a sense of community and knowledge exchange among Boren Awards recipients, while also providing useful information on a wide range of topics.

“The majority of the episodes will uncover a range of human experiences. Those featuring Boren alumni will highlight the interesting career paths they’ve chosen, or the unique travel experiences they’ve had,” says Shabnam Ahmed, program officer with the National Security Education Program, which manages the Boren scholarship and fellowship programs.

"We want to hear from people all around the world. The title speaks to the purpose of the podcast — being able to hear multiple voices without being limited by geography,” she adds.

Shorter “minisodes” will focus on more technical information, such as service requirements and security clearances.

Also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, the series will be relevant for anyone interested in public service, international careers, or intercultural experiences.

“Hearing from federal civilians about what it’s really like to be in their role, what hiring managers look for when they are selecting candidates — this might be useful to anyone wanting to go into public service,” Ahmed says. 

Given CultureReady’s mission to expand cultural awareness and language expertise, the podcast pairs well with the website and the resources it offers to improve cross-cultural communication.

“Understanding culture is very much rooted in understanding people’s narratives and stories. CultureReady is a great partner because of the shared sense of purpose on how to create a greater sense of cultural awareness and understanding,” Ahmed says.

Tune in to "Boren Around the World."

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