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These date fields support the following format: 2-digit month slash 2-digit day slash 4-digit year, as in mm/dd/yyyy
Close-up image of a purse being held by a woman, with flowers in the background

Celebrating Colombia’s Floral Heritage

Every August for eight days, the Colombian city of Medellin blossoms with color to celebrate one of the country’s most important festivals—the “Feria de las Flores” or Flower Festival.
Image of a young girl hugging a servicemember.

How November 11 Became Veterans Day

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day on November 11?
A hand scooping out dry green tea

Steeped in Japanese Culture: Green Tea

Green tea is Japan’s most-consumed beverage, served first thing in the morning and with almost every meal. First introduced to Japan in the 8th century, tea was mainly consumed as a medicinal beverage by monks and the upper class.
Image of two hands in a bowl of water with flower petals

The Role of Scented Water in Morocco

Washing your hands with rose water before eating and drinking tea is a common ritual in Morocco.
A plate of steamed dumplings, with a person using chopsticks to pick up one of them.

Using Chopsticks in Japan

Did you know that there are rules for using chopsticks in Japan? Learn tips like why you shouldn't leave your chopsticks upright in a bowl of rice.
Close up of a woman with a hand placed over her heart.

Gestures Can Speak Louder than Words: Body Language in the Arab World

In Arab countries, a warm greeting is placing your right hand on your heart. Learn more about the meaning behind this and other gestures used in the Arab world.
Ten Hispanic aircrew members of Team Offutt pose for a photo outside of a RC-135 aircraft prior to a training flight in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Hispanic Heritage Month takes flight

Members of Team Offutt conducted a training flight featuring 10 Hispanic or Latinx aircrew members in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.
A U.S. service member greets two Ugandan service members.

Military leaders recognize partnership, regional security

Maj. Gen. Stephen Neary thanked Brig. Gen. Omola for Uganda’s contributions to regional security, and its longstanding partnership with the U.S. Marines, which has fostered growth between the two countries.
Close up of a hot cappuccino in a white coffee cup with heart shape latte art on dark brown old wood table at a cafe.

Drinking Coffee Around the World

How is coffee enjoyed around the world?
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