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Maraya, the world's largest mirrored building, in Saudi Arabia, reflecting the desert surrounding it

The Wonder of Maraya, the World’s Largest Mirrored Building in Saudi Arabia

To some, the idea of building a Guinness world record-breaking concert hall in the middle of the desert sounds unusual: aren’t most world-breaking buildings erected in cities, where they can be…
Close up of golden Holocaust memorial "stumbling stones"

German Artist and Sculptor Work Together to Create a Holocaust Memorial that Transcends Borders

Across Germany, there are museums, monuments and memorials dedicated to the millions of victims of the Holocaust.
Two women at a street food stall

Fried Chicken and Stinky Tofu: The Magic of Street Food in Taiwan

One of the best parts about traveling is trying the cuisine of other countries. From the cafés of France and Italy, to fish markets in Japan and dim sum in China, the possibilities are endless.
A woman running on a street.

Going the Extra Mile: Japan’s Long-Distance Running Culture

Japanese runners kick-off the New Year with the Hakone Ekiden race.
Image of three different colored candles, all lit.

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Read about Christmas traditions like St. Nicholas Day, Krampusnacht, and Three Kings Day.
Image of earth in space

New Podcast on Public Service Careers and World Travel Launches This Week

The “Boren Around the World” podcast is launching on CultureReady this week.
Two women in hijabs looking at a phone. One woman is holding a glass of tea.

How to say what's up, let's go, and other basic phrases in Arabic

Learn some phrases and slang terms in Arabic, like "khallas" or "akeed."
Image of the side of a building with a colorful mural of Mother Teresa and Ghandi

Brazilian Street Artist Kobra Creates a Kaleidoscope of World Cultures

Learn more about the Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra.
Two people dressed in winter gear play in the snow.

Celebrating the Winter Solstice: More than Just the Shortest Day of the Year

Learn more about winter solstice and some of the ways it is celebrated around the world.

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