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Mali coach explains absence of Brighton midfielder Yves Bissouma

Mali coach Mohammed Magassouba says a problem with Yves Bissouma's paperwork led to the Brighton midfielder being left out of the squad.

Rappler: Philippines to charge critical news site with tax evasion

News site Rappler and its founder say the tax evasion charges are a clear form of intimidation.

Macron defends defence plans in Trump meeting

Mr Macron and Mr Trump spoke warmly of the friendship between their countries and the briefing ended with Macron patting Trump's leg.

Lessons of WWI Include Need for Tolerance, Inclusivity 

It was expected to be the war to end all wars. Instead, it created new rivalries and strife that would erupt into another global conflict just two decades later.  This weekend's gathering of world leaders in Paris for the centennial of the World War I armistice serves not only to remember the millions of dead and the enormous destruction it wrought, but also to rehash the hard lessons learned from that conflict.  World War I changed the political map of Europe and changed the concept of… Read Full Article

Study Links Social Media to Depression, Loneliness

University of Pennsylvania researchers say that for the first time they have linked social media use to increases in depression and loneliness. The idea that social media is anything but social when it comes to mental health has been talked about for years, but not many studies have managed to actually link the two. To do that, Penn researchers, led by psychologist Melissa Hunt, designed a study that focused on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. The results were published in the November… Read Full Article

Deadly flash floods hit Jordan's iconic city of Petra

Video shows the moment deadly flash floods swamped the ancient city of Petra in Jordan.

Study finds 'huge' fall in FGM rates among African girls

Activists say female genital mutilation is still common in Africa - but a study finds it is falling.

Trump Meets With Macron, Talks European Security

The American and French presidents discussed their differences about European security on Saturday, the morning after Donald Trump arrived in Paris and immediately criticized his host. As they began their meeting at the Elysee Palace, the U.S. president again called for better burden sharing for the cost of defending Europe. “We want a strong Europe,” said Trump. Emmanuel Macron replied: “I do believe we need more European capacities, more European defense.” But both leaders, at least… Read Full Article

Parents, Students Fear Mass Shootings Now the New Normal in US

Caila Sanford rushed to donate blood as she wiped tears from her eyes. She started reliving a nightmare after hearing about the mass shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, Calif.  Sanford, 22, survived the mass shooting at a concert in Las Vegas just a year ago, where a gunman killed 58 people.  "This really hits home for me. I can imagine what these people are going through. I've been to this bar many, many times. I love college nights," Sanders said.  It was… Read Full Article

Jordan flash floods: Eleven killed and tourists evacuated from Petra

Nearly 4,000 tourists are evacuated from the ancient city of Petra as floodwaters reach 4m (13ft).