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Deploying to South Korea with Family


(Note: This transcript has been edited for readability.)

"In Korea, if you're stationed in Korea, often your family is going to go with you. It depends on how long your tour is going to be. A one-year tour, you're probably going to be unaccompanied. A multi-year tour, you're probably going to be accompanied.

"It's a very safe place for children. Korea is a very safe place for children. The people in Korea are very welcoming to children. They have a tendency to pay a lot of positive attention to children. It's a very safe place for your kids. We had a lot of experiences where our kids—where we'd go to a restaurant routinely, and some of the ladies who worked there would actually pick my daughter up and carry her around the restaurant on her hip while she was—and this isn't something we asked them to do. This is something they would do spontaneously, somebody'd scoop her up and then carry her around the restaurant, and she'd sit there and hold people's checks and stuff like that for up to twenty, thirty minutes at a time. [laughing]

"But in Korea, this is normal, and not only did we never have any bad experiences, but this is common for so many families that we knew. Nobody that I know of ever had a bad experience in that context. It's a great place for kids."

A service member describes deploying with a family to South Korea.